Saturday, November 05, 2005

Where Is The Media Approval Polls?

Wow, President Bush's approval rating has gone down. Huh? That's weird, I mean considering everything you hear in the press is that the world is a festering pile of dog snot. Everyday the press decides what the public is going to focus, and the then has the gall to sponsor a poll on the optimism of the nation.

It makes you wonder about the agenda of the press. Here is a poll about the Scooter Libby and CIA leak case. Notice that 1 in 10 Americans think anything is wrong! Only 10% of the country cares about the story, but 100% of media outlets run it as their lead story. Why? Because every journalist that comes out of college wants to be the next Woodward and Bernstein.

Also, lost in the recent polls is the fact that congress' approval rating is at an amazing 37%, or 2% lower than Bush. Yeah, I am guessing the country doesn't have a problem with Bush as it does with politicians in general. And believe me, when we see a poll on the confidence of congress, we aren't getting the approval rating for the two whats-their-name senators from Alaska, we are getting the approval rating of the microphone loving senators. Yeah, that would be likes of Delay, Harkin, Kerry, Kennedy, Lott, and Clinton. So, it rubs me the wrong way when they get on their soap boxes and tell me the country is heading in the wrong direction. According to the country, the American citizens have more faith in Bush than in congress.


Capo Rock said...
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Capo Rock said...

You are overlooking a very important fact: Congress and the Administration are both run by a very similar group of people.

You are pretty intelligent and creative. I'm betting you can find more similarities between Congress and the Administration. I'll get you started: who selected the Senate Majority Leader? And who is down with the DeLay (House Leader)?

By the way, please post some more on Political.Independent.blogspot, debate is more fun when there are opposing viewpoints.
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