Monday, November 28, 2005

A Public Opinion Poll I Promise You Will Not See Repeated In The Mainstream Media

I be perfectly honest I was more than I little surprised that I found this little nugget of truth in the Washington Post. It seems (at least according to this poll) that about 70% of Americans believe the Democrats criticism of the war in Iraq hurts troop morale. You think? Hell, even 55% of Democrats believe it hurt morale.

You mean saying things like "wrong time, wrong war" and consistently saying the situation is getting worse negatively affects the mindset of the men and women putting their lives on the line for us? Well I have to hand it to the Democrats, the Iraq War was nothing like Vietnam until now. Maybe Ted Kennedy could urinate in a balloon and throw it a returning veteran when he arrives home from Iraq, that would make the parallels complete.

The other statistic that blew me away in the article was that 30% of Americans believe the criticism of the war is not for political gain. Does this really mean 7 in 10 Americans can actually see through the Democrats' rhetoric?

Expect a poll from MSNBC later to day contradicting RT Strategies' poll findings.

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