Sunday, November 13, 2005

Try Talking With A Mouth Full Of Water


We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog rant on the state of liberal politics to inform you of a late breaking story. Earlier today (November 13, 2005) Ted Kennedy (pictured) took to the nation's airwaves to demand the White House improve its' ethics.

"Clearly there has to be a cleaning of the White House," Kennedy railed. "We have a damaged presidency and a tarnished White House . . . At a time when America should be reflecting its vision of where we want to stand in the world, what we want to do here at home - we are being subsumed by scandal after scandal."

He used the word "subsumed," but I believe the word he was really looking for was "submerged." As in, the car was "submerged" in a pond for hours while the driver tried to figure out a good story for the police and sobered up.

In A Word Action News is now going to go live to our field reporter, Mary Jo Kopechne, with a report on the Ted Kennedy ethics demand for the White House. Mary Jo...

"Gargle, gargle, gargle gargle garble garble...."

Oh, so sorry, we must have a bad connection with Mary Jo. Of course, that sometimes happens when you are dead at the bottom of a pond.

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