Sunday, November 27, 2005

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor...

As the viewership of this blog continues to grow, I feel as though I need to clarify a few things so no one will be misled by any of the information presented on this site.

1. The articles are meant to be humorous (albeit not all the time, whether intentional or not). However, most articles are linked to the real stories.

2. I will from now on put fictional quotes in yellow text. This will be everyone's clue, that it possibly isn't true, but is probably meant to be funny (once again not always though). As the articles are linked, you the reader, should be able to figure out when I am putting words in other people's mouths.

3. Even though there maybe a twisting of context or satirical bend on a story, I will never present the fiction as the truth. As the articles are linked to a real news source, you can always check my facts. The links section on this site will also direct you to places to check the validity about a particular story.

4. I welcome your comments. Please feel free to post. All I ask is that you represent yourself in some manor (ie. nickname, name, or some reference to who you are) . No anonymous posts.

Lastly, I am always to looking to add links and other blogs that mirror In A Word, please contact me about making our little blogsphere a little bigger.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm...And I thought you were seeking an argument but if it's all just "humor"...

You must be getting pretty cynical if you think Cindy Sheehan's story is a joke.

I do have to admit that "Dead Turkey" and "Dear Santa" did make me laugh.

I have to remain anonymous but you all ready know who I am, green machine stealer.

Jeremie Jordan said...

Believe me Cindy Sheehan is a pawn. I do not and will not feel sorry for her.

The hardest thing for a Democrat to do is to break out of their shell and think for themselves.

We have all been there. I voted for Bill Clinton in college. It is a period of my life I am not proud of. But then a light comes on and there is glorious awaking.

My name is Jordan. I am a recovering liberal, now 12 years clean and sober as a Republican.

I wish you luck.

The first step is thinking for yourself...

Anonymous said...

I do think for myself, thank you.

Cindy Sheehan is simply a grieving mother. I can't help but feel sorry for anyone who has lost someone they love, particularly a child. Not because I'm a bleeding heart liberal, just because I'm compassionate. Her story would not have grown to the magnitude it did had our lazy ass president strolled down from ranch rehab...oops... I mean his vacation, and talked to her. When you lose someone you love you will do anything, rational or not, to honor them. I know that you know that. And I know you are going to focus on the word "honor" and say there is no way she was honoring him. My perspective is, she is a guilt ridden parent who wants to fix the thing that killed her son. Had he died of cancer she'd be running marathons. I don't think it was wise of her to demand an apology because demanded apologies are meaningless but I do think if Bush had the time to chat with a turkey on 'death row' in November he certainly could have taken 30 minutes out of his vacation time in August to say, "I'm sorry for your loss", "I know you're angry" or "I'm so grateful for men like your son". Anything. But he didn't do it. All my very own thoughts by the way...

I didn't vote for Clinton in college. I didn't vote for Kerry in round 1 either. And, yes, I voted. I've never voted for a Bush. Fortunately, I won't have that option again anytime soon.

Clean and sober as a republican, anything in the extreme is dangerous. How original is the democrat bashing that you do? Are those thoughts all your own or slightly skewed by your republicanism?