Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dear Santa, All I Want Is For Christmas Is For The Politically Correct Movement To Die

Coming as no surprise to no one, Boston made a bold move to unseat San Francisco as the most politically correct city in the nation while at the same time upsetting a majority of its' citizens. Instead of erecting a Christmas Tree this year, Boston will be lighting a Holiday Tree.

The vague Holiday Tree will be a symbol of giving and receiving presents, little babies born in a manger, going to Church on a random day such as midnight on December 24th, goodwill towards men and women, and peace on not just Earth but also the Moon and Mars.

The city of Boston is also asking people to refrain from using the words Menorah and Dreidel. In their places, please use the terms "holiday candlestick" and "square top with funny writing."

John Kerry (D-Mass) came to the defense of Boston in a statement to In A Word: "Celebrating X-mas is a very personal thing. Although America has always respected other religious holidays while even at war, such as Tet and Ramadan, Christians must learn to share December 25th with the rest of the world. In the spirit of sharing we will do our best to remove any references to a X-mas that 1% of the country may find offensive."

Man, I do love Massachusetts. It is a conservative blogger's dream come true. Writer's block? Google search "stupid" and "Massachusetts" and the idea pipeline bursts wide open.

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