Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tonight On Must See Terrorist TV

Programming Schedule For Al-Jazeera

6:00PM: "Imperialists Pigs" -- how the United States tried to blow up Al-Jazeera offices.
6:30PM: Live Coverage of a Car Bombing in Iraq
7:00PM: "An Intimate Conversation With The Misunderstood Osama Bin Laden"
8:00PM: "Lies and the Lying Infidels that Tell Them" -- more on the how the United States plotted to use a bomb to blow up innocent people at Al-Jazeera studios.
8:30PM: Paid Advertisement by Al-Qaeda
9:00PM: "Iraqi Choppers" a live beheading, an Al-Jazeera exclusive
10:00PM: PBS' Frontline

Set Your Tivo Now! Sometime next week a live news conference in Massachusetts of Democrats calling for Bush to come clean about the Al-Jazeera allegations.

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