Saturday, November 12, 2005

If I Had To Pick One Mistake...

During a recent speech Bill Clinton said his administration's "failures included its slowness to act to halt the genocide in Rwanda and the decision to allow federal agents to raid a cult leader's compound in Waco, Texas. " Nearly 80 cult followers died in a fire during the 1993 confrontation.

Yeah, to hell with lying before a grand jury or blowing the biggest chance to catch Osama Bin Laden. Clinton has truly lied so much that he actually is starting to believe his own lies.

Once again Clinton touted the fact that he turned around the economy, but once again gave no examples of how he accomplished that feat. is because he doesn't know.

However, with all do respect I do believe one of the greatest achievements of his Presidency was clarifying the meaning of the word "is."

For a good laugh:
"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. If the--if he--if 'is' means is and never has been, that is not--that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement....Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true." (Bill Clinton, sworn testimony).

So to clarify, Bill Clinton IS a lying cheat. Past, present or future.


Capo Rock said...

You can't be serious...
Do you think lying to the grand jury was a bigger mistake than Waco or slow response in Rwanda?

And did you read the article? You're posting is a bit misleading because the article mentions nothing about "If I had to pick one mistake..."

As for the economy, wasn't Clinton a Rhodes Scholar in Economics? While I'm not going to blame him for the HUGE economic growth we had, I will certainly credit him for the gov't policies that helped us: balancing the budget and paying down the national debt.

He left us with a budget SURPLUS for God's sake! Can you imagine? A SURPLUS!

Now compare that with Bush's answer to the question, "what was your biggest mistake." (When asked he floundered and gave a limp-wristed response)

I can't understand why you would blog about Clinton when there is SO MUCH to talk about RIGHT NOW in the CURRENT administration.

Now as for being a LYAR, I'ld have to give you that one; but boy do I wish for the times we had under that lying, cheating, horn dog...eight years of peace and prosperity. I am sorry to say that I never voted for anyone in the Clinton Administration. I guess you never know what you have til it's gone.

Jordan said...

Oh, I am serious...

For one we didn't ever really respond in Rwanda, slow or otherwise. As with all the decisions during the Clinton administration, he checked the polls and determined the politcal fall out first. That man killed more people through indecision, then Bush as killed through his actions in Iraq.

Waco was a mistake in some regards. However, not catching the man responsible for thousands of deaths around the world and is still at the heart of most current conflicts would rank higher in my mind. Remember we are talking with hindsight in the year 2005!

As for the economy, don't forget that the Republican congress would't let him pass much of his agenda. I don't see the county giving much credit to the hundreds of respresntatives serving in congress during the 90s, but the country seems to want to give all the credit to one man.

You remember what Bill Clinton's first great achievement was? Gays in the military. And that set the tone for one worthless act after another.

"Wasn't Clinton a Rhodes Scholar in Economics?" Then why can't anyone (including himself) from his adminstration explain the economy? A Rhodes Scholar...well that answers everthing.

Oh, yeah one more thing...
If Clinton and Democrats know what worked in the 90s, why the hell haven't they arcticulated that knowledge in the last few elections?

Jordan said...

One more thing.

I guess fighting genocide in Rwanda is fine, but fighting genocide in Iraq is not. WMDs were a reason to go to war, but not the only reason.

Clinton picked the easiest battles. Bush picks battles regardless of the political outcome. That is why I voted for him and continue to support him.

Capo Rock said...

So you agree that lying to the grand jury does not rate on the big mistakes...

As for the Contract with America (Gnewt Gingrich), you are right, they fought Clinton tooth and nail. They even fought his wife on Healthcare Reform, can you believe it?

But Clinton took a stand when it came to Economic issues. He refused to sign a budget unless it was balanced. There was a big standoff (at least a week), where the Republican Congress refused to send a balanced budget.

Look dude, I didn't vote for Clinton or Gore, but the evidence shows the Clinton Gore Administration did a lot better for us than the Bush Administration.

Let's start from the beginning: what made Bush qualified to even RUN for President? Why couldn't YOU run instead? I'm sure you know people that could do a better job. Maybe your Governor, or a lawyer or a doctor or someone you know.
You see, Bush's only qualification for public office was his family's connections (this goes back to his Governorship).
Clinton came from no where and used his intelligence/charisma, a little hard work, and then lucked up (Ross Perot) and won.

Bush was born on third base and thought he hit a triple.

Seriously, is there ANYTHING Bush could do that would change your mind about him?

I wouldn't have him run my coffee shop, much less my country!
Speaking of which, Bush has done less with more than anyone I know: look at his business record.

Which brings me back to the more important issue that separates the two: the economy...

Jordan said...

Congrats Capo Rock, you have been completely mislead by the media. It took only 5 years.

This is America, not a monarchy. Bush didn't assend to the presidency, he earned it. No different than any President before him.

It is plain stupid to say the President of the United States couldn't even run a coffee shop. Are you that dumb?

You honestly believe he bumbled his way to Presidency?

WAKE UP!!!!! You sound like or the Washington Post! Have an original thought!!!