Sunday, November 20, 2005


If you thought the ambition of America's teens had steadily gone down in the last few decades, get ready for it to hit rock bottom.

Mom: "Billy, for the last time get off the Computer!"
Billy: "Mom, I am working! I just became a level 72 Druid with a maxed out Bear skill. I am afraid I will be putting in some long hours this week."
Mom: "I just worried about you working too hard."
Billy: "Don't worry Mom, but I could use some more Mountain Dew and a girlfriend."
Mom: "What about your online girlfriend, foxybabexxx, who loves playing Diablo with you?"
Billy: "Well it didn't turn out they way I had hoped...she was actually a guy."
Mom: "That's too bad. You guys seemed to really hit it off and she completely understood your need to play video games all the time, stay up all night, not being able to keep a job, and accepted the fact you still lived at home even though you were 28."
Billy: "Yeah, I guess in hindsight it was pretty obvious she wasn't real."

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