Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stupid Is, As Stupid Does

In an attempt to relive the old glory days of the hippy 1970s, the Democrats have hysterically started running to the nearest microphone to scream to the nation we "must end this war." With the some stupid Bob Dylan song playing in the background, Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) took to the airwaves to today to demand the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

"The war in Iraq is not going as advertised," Murtha, 73, said in a Capitol Hill news conference while flashing the peace sign to the cameramen. Murtha went on to say the Democrats were toying with idea suing the armed forces for not giving the nation a war as "advertised." The Democrats have become increasing intolerant of war strategies not going as they were working out on paper. A congressional hearing as been called and troops are starting to be questioned by Democrat leaders on why they aren't killing and dying as outlined in the pre-war advertising blitz. Murtha went on to say that American consumers deserve to get the war they paid for!

A clearly upset Ted Kennedy also took to the nation's airwaves to try and gain back some of the thunder Murtha had stolen from him. Ted Kennedy found the closest microphone and apparently said something pro-Democrat, but as of press time the rest of the nation wasn't listening so we don't have any transcripts.

In a beautiful moment of honesty Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), head of the House Democrats' campaign effort, said, "Jack Murtha went out and spoke for Jack Murtha." As for Iraq policy, Emanuel added: "At the right time, we will have a position." At the right time, we will have a position? Are f***ing kidding me? At the right time? How about now! How about now, when you are calling for pulling our troops home? How about now, before you take to the talk show circuit to rip the Republican's position? How about now, before the newest media polls that appear in the Washington Post and arrive on your doorstep?

Let me see if I have this straight, the Democrats don't have a position. Troops and civilians are dying for freedom in Iraq. Democrats believe we need to cut and run in Iraq. However, they don't have a position on the war? This is why I voted for Bush. I want a leader. Not someone who answers to the opinion polls. He did what he thought was right. History will tell us if he was right, not the constant droning of the Democrats (who by the way, if you haven't been paying attention, don't have a position on the war).

As someone who us born after the Vietnam War, I can tell you I want to see this war to end. I believe Vietnam was the biggest mistake in this country's history, but only because we didn't finish the job. We tried it the tree-hugger way in the 1970s, this time lets finish the job. Don't make the 2,000 lost US troops lives meaningless. If we leave now and the country falls further into chaos, then those 2,000 soldiers will truly have died for no reason. The troops in Iraq have made it clear they want to finish the job. I say give them the resources they need and let them.

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