Monday, November 21, 2005

Democrat Mayor Inspired By Communist China

The In A Word Red Herring Team has sniffed out another Commie. Chicago mayor, Richard Daley (pictured), was "inspired by a trip to Communist China," and says "he wants the city's public schools to move to a six-day school week."

He went on to say "we give kids too much time off. We're supposed to be visionaries. We can't educate our children if we give them two months off."

Really, folks I don't even need to make any jokes about this story. I find it very disturbing someone could be inspired by a trip to a country that restricts freedoms. Daley went on to say he was completely engrossed in a "little red book and was looking forward to the day when the Mao Tse-tung High School Red Warriors would be playing football against the George Washington H.S. Generals. What a glorious day for mean America that will be!"

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