Saturday, November 26, 2005

Al-Zarqawi, Meet Your New Neighbor

The King of Weird, Michael Jackson (pictured), who recently moved to the friendly confines of Bahrain in the middle East, has held out an olive branch to the Muslims in the area. Wacko was recently reported to have made anti-semantic comments in conjunction to his financial woes. Of course, it could be argued that sleeping with little boys does damage ones career; the purveyor of Jesus Juice seems to believe the Jewish are out to get him.

"At first we were a little concerned with Mr. Jackson moving to our neighborhood," Al-Zarqawi, Iraq's most wanted man said today outside of posh dirt cave. "Property values and child safety have always been a top priority of our exclusive little area of the world, but Mr. Jackson seems to be the first American I could actually throwback a beer with. Everyone knows the infidel Jews are the root of all evil, praise Allah, and Mr. Jackson is our kind of psychotic."

The In A Word staff is wondering if there might be houses for sales in Michael's new subdivision for other US celebrities? Michael Moore, Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh, The Clintons, All of Hollywood, Green Day, Ted Kennedy, Pat Robertson, The Cast of The Today Show, Jessica Simpson, Jesse Jackson... The list could go on and on...

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