Sunday, August 13, 2006

There Goes The Blogosphere

Iranian President Mahmood Ahmallahisabomb has started his own blog. If I am reading the Arabic correctly I believe the Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground are in the links section. You can click the little American flag to swap between Arabic and English, but I am always there for my readers so let me translate the post for you to save a little time:
4 Shizzle my peeps, Master MyMood has finally got the hook up with a bling blog. I'll be slinging it hardcore and keeping the infidels in my crosshairs. I am the leader of a rogue Middle East country [I am not telling you which one for privacy reasons]. Over the next few weeks I will be tackling conspiracy theories such as the Holocaust and the world being round.

So sit back, strap on some high explosives and let me blow your mind.

Please remember to bookmark my blog and don't forget to link back if you reference my blog. It about hit counts baby! And let keep it clean in the comments, save the lewd dialogue for your virgins in the afterlife.

Later bi-atches

[H/T My Left Wing]

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