Friday, August 18, 2006

Crossing The Lines Of Decency

I realize at the age of 32 I am starting to get old. However, to make sure I am not losing my mind, I would like the reader's take on two situations and tell me which one crossed the lines of decency and taste [or maybe both do].

Situation A: My Posts From Juice

Back on I wrote a couple of posts dealing with Chet Culver's emphatic debate fist. You can reacquaint yourself with those posts here and here. Throughout both of those posts I implied Mrs. Culver was having an affair with the fist [to be clear, that would also be her husband's fist]. I felt I was not vulgar, and left most of the conclusions to be drawn by the reader.

Situation B: Juice Reader Brickbat's comments on [subsequently deleted by Juice]

Brickbat claims I crossed a line by saying Mrs. Culver was having an affair with her husband's fist. I claimed it was satire. He claimed I wouldn't like it if some talked about my wife like that. I countered with I wouldn't care and I said I certainly wouldn't censor their speech. Brickbat's response to my reply was something along these lines:
"Hey Jordan, I hope the nearest convicted sex offender rapes and fist fucks your wife in the parking lot of your roach infested 'small business.'"
Now it is your turn, dear readers, did we both cross the line of decency or am I right in thinking that Brickbat is one seriously disturbed human being? There is civil discourse and then there is Brickbat's comments. We can debate, but not when the opposition proposes felonies against people they disagree with.

To further illustrate my point may I direct your attention to my previous post and the comments that accompany it...

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