Friday, August 11, 2006


After about six months of trying to drive traffic for, I have been set free due to the post directly underneath this one. I made a statement about the subject matter they allow on their blogs and what they don't. Ironically, I almost prefaced my final Juice post with "this will probably be my final Juice post," simply because it has become apparent the higher ups at the Register can't take a joke. Whether Cavan Reagan, Juice Online Content Manager, was being honest with me or not, but he claimed the decision to remove me from Juice was from higher up in the Des Moines Register. I hate conspiracies, but...

Further irony is that with the new Word Press update they installed I was able to tag any outgoing links with titles. When I linked to the "Confidential Juice Memo" I tagged the link with "It's called satire" and randomly linked another word in the post to a definition of the word "satire."

Not to brag [ok, I am], but I leave Juice as the blogger with the highest traffic and far and away the most comments. With both Corrie Goforth and I gone in the same week, I am having a hard time thinking who is going to be driving traffic to the Juice blogs. Isaiah? Romelle? Michael? Kelli? No offense to those bloggers, but they are exactly engaging.

Moving forward I am working with Kevin Schmidt, Daren Jaques [and hopefully IrishWalsh] to create a blog called The Corn Beltway Boys. I am extremely excited about getting to write along side these guys. It should be a lot of irrelevant fun.

Anyway In A Word will be a buzz with activity now that I don't blog for Juice. I will still be writing as much as I did on Juice. It was time for a change away and as I said in my final Juice post, I really felt like I was throttling my creativity on Juice. In a weird way it is nice to be back on In A Word for awhile.

It feels like a warm comfy quilt wrapped around me.

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