Monday, August 21, 2006

I Question The Timing Of The Charges

It seems at least 11 of those "alleged" terror suspects arrested in the UK on 8/10, are going to have their day in court to face charges of "conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terrorism."

Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner Peter Clarke said the investigation was "immense" and would go on for many months.

He said video and audio recordings, bomb-making equipment, electrical components, hydrogen peroxide and martyrdom videos had been found.

"We have found more than 400 computers, 200 mobile telephones and 8,000 items of removable storage media such as memory sticks, CDs and DVDs," he said.

He added: "I would like to reassure the public that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe ... however we must be realistic.

"The threat from terrorism is real. It is here, it is deadly and it is enduring." [Sky News]

So, I quickly rush over to Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish to get his take on these new charges, but conspiculousy there is no update. Remember, Mr. Sullivan lamanted:
I'd be interested in the number of plotters who had passports. How could they even stage a dummy-run with no passports? And what bomb-making materials did they actually have? These seem like legitimate questions to me; the British authorities have produced no evidence so far. If the only evidence they have was from torturing someone in Pakistan, then they have nothing that can stand up in anything like a court.
Well, Andrew appearantly the Brittish authorities believe their charges will stand up in court. They, of course, might be privy to information that you don't have, but that is pure spectulation on my part.

Then again, maybe there is some worthless senate race that swung towards the Democratic side this past weekend and Bush administration forced the Brits into issuing a bunch of trumped up charges to divert the media's attention. Then again, maybe not...

I would suggest the Andrew and the rest of the left take Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner Peter Clarke's words to heart: "The threat from terrorism is real. It is here, it is deadly and it is enduring."

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