Monday, August 28, 2006

The Emmy For Best Overreaction To A Parody Skit Goes To...

There a few instances where I realize I am still very different from most of the right side of blogosphere. Case in point, furor over Conan O'Brien's intro skit on last night's Emmy's show. Conan does a parody that is a takeoff of ABC's Lost. Well, understandably the NBC affiliate in Kentucky was upset, but expecting Conan to pull the skit [which, remember, is a parody of Lost, not the plane crash from Sunday in Kentucky] is unrealistic and wrong. Should the NBC affiliate in Kentucky been notified so they could skip that portion of the show? Sure, absolutely.

What's next pulling Lost all together because it contains images of a plane crash? Cancelling 24, because it deals with terrorism? I am all for compassion and respect for the dead and those who are mourning, but really how many people watch the Emmy's anyway. I mean was on NBC after all. In fact, I guessing more people will watch it today on the blogosphere then actually watched it last night.

Come on, it wasn't like it was a skit with a masturbating bear or Max Weinberg having sex with himself. Then it would have been classic Conan.

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