Saturday, March 31, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Giuliani's Wife Won't Be A Cabinet Member

Because overreacting and putting words in people's mouths is so chic now...
Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani said Friday his wife will not be a member of his Cabinet or attend most high-level meetings as he sought to clarify his previous statements suggesting she would play a significant role in his administration

Late Friday, the Giuliani campaign issued a statement in which the former New York City mayor suggested that would not be the case.

"Obviously, she will not be a Cabinet member or attend most Cabinet meetings — if any. But she will pursue a campaign to educate Americans on preventing illness and promoting overall health."

In the statement, the former mayor sought to play down his own remarks and suggested any discussion of a policy role for his wife was merely prompted by Walters' questioning.

"Judith and I got a good laugh after we heard that she would be a member of the Cabinet, especially after she made it clear in the interview with Barbara Walters that she is not particularly interested in politics or policy," he said. "Like most couples, we rely on each other and support each other, but we have different interests. My interest is in politics and deciding policy. Judith is a nurse. Her interest is in educating people on how to stay healthy."

n 1990s, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton played a prominent role in her husband's administration, including a failed effort on health care reform. Her policy efforts created some problems for the couple.
Hillary's failed health care reform created "some problems" for the couple? Did anyone else laugh at that line? To be honest, I could care less about the Giuliani story, but I thought the Clinton line was so comical that I had to quote it.

Some problems...stop you're slaying me.

And have I mentioned how much fun it is being a cut and paste blogger?

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