Friday, March 16, 2007

The Dean Of Stupid Pt. II

"This could be George Bush's Watergate," Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean wrote in an e-mail soliciting campaign funds yesterday [speaking about the firing of US federal prosecutors by the Bush administration].

Yes, yes...yet another incident that "could be George Bush's Watergate." You know just like: Iraq, weapons of mass destruction,, Katrina, Wire tapping, Karl Rove doing just about anything, Dick Cheney shooting people, and of course stealing his first election in 2002. All those events and countless others were suppose to lead to the downfall of Bush, yet here we are with Chimperor McHilterburton still leading this country. Keep your fingers crossed Dean maybe...just maybe by the end of Bush's second term you might actually get your modern day Watergate. I mean besides Sandy Berger stuffing classified documents down his pants...

Would it be asking too much for the Democrats to lead? They do, after all, have control of congress. Bitching about Bush is nice but I was kind of hoping for a little substance. Non binding resolutions are great destroyers of morale for our troops, but what will the Democrats do when Bush's term comes to end? Hell, with Bush out of the White Housethe very foundation of the current Democratic party will be gone.

Using Democrat logic the only thing the Bush administration did wrong in firing a few US attorneys was not firing them all like Clinton did in 1992. And besides, I really believe Dean is underestimating the positive effect this "scandal" will have on Bush...I mean everyone hates lawyers anyway. Heck, I am guessing this whole affair will actually boast Bush's approval ratings. Who doesn't like seeing like seeing unemployed lawyers? It almost brings a tear to the eye...sniffle...thank you GW. You're my boy...

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