Friday, February 16, 2007

Your Morning Wake Up Call

As I find these videos and links I will throw them up here on CBB.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but with people like NoNeed4thNeed over at the No Common Sense Iowan constantly speaking for our troops I thought actually hearing from the troops themselves would be appropriate.

Liberals have every right to oppose the war, but don't you are 'supporting the troops' or that the troops aren't bothered by your rhetoric. As with most issues, the Democrats can't the truth that is right before their eyes...

1st SGT. Louis Barnum [a born and raised Democrat] and SGT. Brian Orzedhowski [treason]

Write off the my hate filled rants here on the Corn Beltway Boys if you will, but how the troops feel is indisputable.

When was the last time you saw a video of a soldier saying: 'I really appreciate the worthless, toothless resolutions that congress have passed. I mean I hate George Bush just like the next patriotic American and I want those back home to know how much we enjoy hearing them bad month the work we are doing in Iraq...?"

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