Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What American Wants

Stupid quote:
"What the American people want to know is: Does their member of Congress support the president's proposed escalation or do they not?" said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.
Really is that what the American people want? After the hundreds of millions of dollars that were spent during the 2006 November mid term elections, do the American people really need any further proof as to where their congressperson stands? According to the press and the Democrats themselves I thought the 2006 election results were suppose to be a rebuke of the President's handling of the war?

Apparently this isn't enough for the Democrats, they need a non-binding resolution that does nothing to help the troops but gives them leverage during the 2008 elections if the war continues to go badly. I know I've said this a hundred time on the blog, but which is worse: going to war with bad intelligence or playing politics with our troops' lives?

You know what the American people want? For the fucking Democrats to rejoin the political political process and start supplying a few solutions. America's binding resolution to the Democrats: "We get it, you know how to bitch, do you know any other tricks?"

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