Friday, February 09, 2007

Clinton Calls For National Day Of Mourning After Anna Nicole Smith's Death

New York [CBB] - Former President Clinton is calling on President Bush to issue a national day of mourning follow the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Clinton called Smith 'a hero to millions of worthless pieces of shit across America.'

"Forget all the negatives like drug addiction, failed reality shows, Lewinsky-ing a walking corpse for inheritance money; Anna Nicole was the very embodiment of a Democrat. She gave hope to those citizens that are trying so hard to make ends meet while sucking off the system waiting for an insanely rich man to walk so they can sleep with him," Clinton eulogized during an interview with NBC's The Today Show, "accomplishing nothing in your life, being a complete failure but getting paid for it...dare I the new American dream."

There was no immediate comment from the White House concerning former President Clinton's request, but White House spokesman Tony Show did alluded to it by saying 'President Bush was currently reviewing Smith's history of periodical work and would have a decision after he's had some alone time to mull the situation over.'

Clinton concluded his NBC interview by saying 'Anna Nicole's fond images, and the fantasies from them, have been what has kept my marriage with Hillary strong all these years."

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