Sunday, February 11, 2007

Will Someone Please Tell The Democrats That Life Isn't Fair?

Fairness is all about perspective. What's fair to you, will not necessarily be fair to me. I run a successful small business in Waukee, while other small businesses have failed. Is that fair? While I am successful, there are other franchisees within my system that make 10 times the money I do. Is that fair? You work hard and have a job, but other people are unemployed. Is that fair?

Life isn't fair. Period. Learn it, cry a few tears if you must, but get over it.

No amount of government involvement is going to make life fair. However, the brain trust of Gov. Chet and the Dumbocratic Iowa legislature are proposing a "fair share fee." Union members pay union fees and while non-union members do not because they are NOT members. As the decision to join the union is a choice, it makes sense that the fees associated with it should also be a choice. But if the Democrats have taught us anything in the last few years, it's that only one issue [abortion] is about choice and all other decisions should be government mandated.

There argument from the left via the marionette strings being pulling by the union leaders is that unions must, by law, negotiate for both union and non-union employees. While that might be unfair, the answer to eliminating that inequality isn't creating more unfair laws. For decades now unions have been hurting their own members, I guess they feel it's time to screw the entire workforce.

Blame Bush and the Republican for the exodus of jobs from this country if you must, but realize union do more drive business abroad then any legislation that has been passed in the last 14 years.

This is my favorite argument in favor of a the proposed "fair share" bill is this little nugget:
"National economic development consultants consistently state that the lack of right-to-work laws is often a deal breaker ... for many companies looking to invest in new or expanded operations," reads a research paper prepared for the Iowa Chamber Alliance, a group of chambers of commerce and similar groups.
Uh...riiiight. Business looking to move to Iowa feel it's a 'deal breaker' because they are not forced to require all their employees to pay union dues? Why am I skeptical? Could it be that businesses as a general rule hate working with unions?

Lets review the first month of local and national Democratic control: a minimum wage increase for a whopping 6% of the population, a resolution condemning the President's troop increase in Iraq, and locally a bill requiring all workers to pay union dues. After 14 years of being the minority party and this is all the Democrats have got?

Un-fuckin' real...

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