Monday, February 12, 2007

Maybe The Egyptians Practiced Making Pyramids By Washing The Dishes...

A few days ago Jaques and I went around about reciting the Pledge of Alliance in the public schools. His stance was it's like Stalin and totalitarianism and I claimed it was 20 seconds and nothing worth arguing about. Part of my position was realizing how much crap the public schools actually teach our children, so a 20 second pledge just doesn't get me worked up.

As evidence to my opinion may I present Speed Stacks. Last week my son came home from school all excited about make pyramids with plastic cups and then taking them down. The faster the better. This was part of his gym class. Is this how fat our country has gotten? Now stacking a bunch of cups with holes in the bottom constitutes physical activity?

I realize there is a place for this type of competition, but I question whether that place is gym class. Here is the current world record holder in speed stacking, Emily Fox. While I am not sure there's a practical application to quickly stacking cups, but I bet she can unload the dishwasher like nobody's business.

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