Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh Dear God, What Have We Done?

The nurse who took care of Saddam in days and months leading up to his execution has come forth with tales of a softer , gentler Hussein. Gone is the 'Butcher Of Bagdad,' say hello to the 'Bambi of Bagdad...'
"He basically talked about his wife, and his children,'' Sgt Ellis said on CNN today.

"He was an avid reader. Loved to read and write. He had a lot of stories that he had written. He had a pamphlet that he wrote in every day and then when time came to visit him he'd read things to me,'' the army reservist said.
I am surprised Hollywood didn't rush to Saddam's aid like they did with Tookie Williams. I am sure Saddam could have written a wonderful children's story on mass genocide. Given time, Saddam would have probably been nominated for a Noble Peace Prize.
"That was my job: to keep him alive and healthy, so they could kill him at a later date,'' Sgt Ellis said

"I was kind of disappointed (by the execution),'' Sgt Ellis said on CNN.

"I thought that they would more or less put him in jail for the rest of his life to kind of stem some of the violence that I knew was going to take place,'' he said.

"He said he was a farmer when he was young and he never forgot where he came from,'' Sgt Ellis told the paper.
Yes, yes that Saddam was one grounded individual who never forgot where he came from. A simple man really...
Saddam "had a good sense of humor. You know, made jokes, you know. And he spent most of his time reading, and praying,'' he said.
Did you heard the one about the Shiite who walks into a Sunni bar with a salami under one arm and a pack of explosives under the other?
Saddam went on a hunger strike at one point, refusing to eat when guards slid food through the slot on the bottom of his cell door. But when guards starting opening the door, Saddam dropped his hunger strike.

"He refused to be fed like a lion," Sgt Ellis said.
Was anyone else surprised that it was CNN reporting this? Nah, me neither...

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