Monday, January 22, 2007

Corn Beltway Boys' Cordless Power Tool Of The Week

I realize the week just started, but someone will be hard pressed to "out do" this loser:

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen [D-Wi]

Kagen used a meeting with peace activists to lob a few pot shots at the Bush administration and Karl Rove. The problem? The facts seem a little hazy.
In a letter to constituents in the 8th District, Kagen, D-Appleton, called the situation a "distraction" he allowed to "get out of hand and divert our attention from the critically important work we're doing.

"My mishandled attempt at humor wasn't delivered or received well. It won't happen again."

During a Dec. 19 meeting with peace activists, the freshman lawmaker reportedly bragged about having blocked the door to a men's room and telling Republican political adviser Karl Rove, "I kicked your ass."

He went on to say he thanked Vice President Dick Cheney and President Bush for helping him win the election and deliberately called first lady Laura Bush "Barbara."

"I learned on the campaign that the meanest thing you can say to another gentleman is, 'he's a fine fellow,' and you then refer to his spouse by a different name," Kagen said in a published report.

The White House denied the story and labeled the accounts as "ridiculous."
Rove has been on record as saying he offered congratulations to Kagen on his victory, however he denies Kagen was as forceful as he says he was. Rove did say that it was a little creepy having Kagen stand behind him at the urinal and he said if had known Kagen liked to stare at other men peeing he would have used the stall. President Bush is also to have said to made an attempt to reach out to Kagen, but it was during that exchange when Kagen called the First Lady "Barbara." Now Kagen is back peddling because his flippant attitude as generated him some serious negative press. In fact, to defuse the self-inflicted incident of stupidity, Kagel had to mail a letter to his constituents [parts of the quoted passage you just read].

My favorite part of this story? When Kagen says the whole foolish calamity was merely an "attempt at humor." Now where have I heard that before? Is anyone else tired of this reasoning? Considering no one has ever heard either Kagen or Kerry tell a joke, I don't see how they can use it as an excuse. It truly begs the question: is it a joke or humor if no one laughs?

Of course, it goes without saying a few liberals have adopted Kagen as their hero.

Don't worry though, Kagen is "committed to put(ing) partisanship aside," as he plans on calling Barak Obama's wife "Micheal."

My runner up for CBB's Cordless Power Tool Of The Week: the blog Surviving Yepsen. As I always's funny in a sad, pathetic liberal sorta way...

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