Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When Life Hands You Lemons...Blame Bush

Oliver Stone claims his movie "World Trade Center" did poorly at the box office largely because Bush and the Iraq war. Apparently the negative attitude that Bush has created among the rest of the world for his unpopular war has transcended movie ticket sales.
"We got nasty reviews everywhere. The highbrow press in England hated it. Germany was the worst, then Spain. Even Russia. The whole world is politicised by George Bush and Iraq. You really feel it. Anti-Americanism is rampant so it was a very threatening time to bring this movie out."
Stone hates Bush. The film critics of the world hate Bush. So in order to get back at Bush the movie reviews bash Stone. The only thing that would make that line of reasoning more plausible is if the movie reviewers were writing their critiques from a grassy knoll. I know I routinely level my harshest criticism by attacking the people that feel the same way I do. In fact, just yesterday I calling Bush's health care initiative the stupidest idea I had ever heard of, but I was actually attacking the Democrats for raising the minimum wage. It kind of a reverse psychology thingy.

I realize whenever a Hollywood liberal fails there must be a conservative conspiracy behind it, but if by chance this wasn't the case here's what I think happened. The World Trade Center movie was well made, but not great. Regardless of what Stone believes, he is not perfect. The reviews were honest depictions of Stone's movie and not Bush's approval ratings. Coupled with the fact that WTC debuted after United 93, there is a chance the movie going public had grown weary of 9/11 films. After all there probably is a reason why there isn't a Shindler's List II.

In the end though, it was probably a conspiracy...

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