Thursday, January 04, 2007


I almost forgot to do my yearly bitch post about the United States Post Office. Each year around the Christmas holiday, the United States Post Office does something that really pisses me off: they advertise on TV. Nothing angers me quite like a branch of the government that bleeds red running ad campaigns against the private sector. So basically what USPS ads are saying is: "spend your money with the government and don't give any to UPS, DHL or FedEx."

I don't need advertising reminding me that the US Postal service exists, I already know. Small children know it. Hell, even people in Tennessee know it. I beg and plead with all seven of you readers, please when you send a package use a company from the private sector. The government SHOULD NOT compete in the business world. If the US Postal service was a private company they would have been run out of business in the 80s. There is little denying the USPS is the antithesis of how a business should be run

My solution? Strip the functions of the USPS down to single letters and small packages. Let the private companies handle the rest of the package shipping commerce in America. The ultimate goal being that we can someday downsize the bloated dinosaur that is the USPS and hopefully stop throwing some much taxpayer money down the drain.

Other added benefits of having DHL or FedEx handle your shipping needs that they still work on stupid asinine holidays like Christopher Columbus Day. Oh, man don't get me started on Columbus day or this post will stretch until tomorrow. Just like I am sure the postal employees spent all of Tuesday mourning the death of President Gerald Ford...

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