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Reprinted for my post on the Corn Beltway Boys

this post is going to hurt. You will feel great pressure and throbbing against your temples. A sharp pain will form a right above your eyes causing you to rub your forehead in an attempt to numb the suffering. Do not be alarmed though, this is normal because you have common sense. When common sense comes in contact with liberal and democratic thinking it causes a violent reaction. If you think for yourself and use your own brain everything should return to normal and the pain should subside after you finish reading the post. However you have been warned...

I mentioned previously that "not only do I write a brilliant, wildly successful, thought provoking, innovative, cutting edge, out-of-this-world, imbecile blog but I am also known to grace other lesser blogs with my presence." The liberal Iowa blogosphere is full of mindless sheep that regurgitate whatever the DNC or a democratic politician tells them. When I need a good laugh I like to surf their content and reaffirm that liberals don't a half a friggin' clue. They pretty much turn off their brains and nod approvingly. Harsh? Consider these passages:

Century of the Common Iowa:
Wash, Rinse, Repeat
There's a story yesterday on MyDD and Chris also wrote about, but it is worth repeating. Not extending Bush's temporary handouts to the most wealthy is not increasing taxes. I'd give back my couple hundred dollar tax break on my federal income taxes to get my property taxes, college tuition and loan payments, and the cost of other local and other state services to go down.

The first step in solving the budget deficit is to not renew these temporary tax cuts and to start investing in our future. So remember to repeat...

Not Extending Temporary Tax Cuts is NOT Increasing Taxes
Then from the Political Forecast: [and I included the entire post...all five lines of it]
Repeat after me
Let’s play a little game. Every Democrat talking about the Bush tax cuts, and hopefully repealing them, should repeat this phrase:

“Not Extending Temporary Tax Cuts is NOT Increasing Taxes”

If anyone says differently, please gently smack them in the back of the head. Do not consider this an incitement of mass violence, however, since some people are just dunderheads.
Yes, just repeat the phrase: "Not Extending Temporary Tax Cuts is NOT Increasing Taxes" and magical pixie dust will fall from the sky and make it true. Because if liberal blogs have taught us anything, it's that if you repeat something enough times it eventually turns into the truth.

If you remove a tax cut [that which causes taxes to go down] then logically taxes must do what? Anyone? Conservatives? That's right, they go up because the tax cut is no longer in place. This is pretty simple math here people. For example, if I pay $5 dollars in taxes and then receive a tax cut of $2, my new tax payment is $3. Now if someone comes in and repeals the tax cut, thus remove the $2 dollar savings, I am once again paying $5. For clarity and for those liberals that are reading this example, five is greater than three.

My favorite part of NoNeed's Wash, Rinse, Repeat post is this gem: "I'd give back my couple hundred dollar tax break on my federal income taxes to get my property taxes, college tuition and loan payments, and the cost of other local and other state services to go down." Wow, that's amazing, NoNeed has found away to take a two hundred dollar federal tax break and convert it into local tax breaks like tuition, property taxes and loan payments. You have to love his logic, it's comical really. The Bush tax cuts affect anyone who makes more than $15,000 [if you make less than that you DON'T pay taxes anyway...if you are going to repeat anything, repeat that]. So, if you made money then you received a tax break. However, NoNeed believes that just those that own property and those that went to college and have student loans should get a tax cut. Brilliant. Lets take a tax break that affects a majority of Americans and apply it to a smaller few.

I would also like to point out that Chris over at the Political Forecast [and NoNeed for that matter too] did not explain how repealing a tax cut isn't a tax increase, but really that is besides the the point isn't it? The only thing either one of those blogs really want you to do is turn off your brain and repeat the democratic mantra until you can longer tell your own thoughts from their's. Not here. Not on CBB. You are expected to think for yourself. I will write a post that comes from my beliefs. You will either agree or disagree, but you will never be expect to become a mindless drone. If you want your thoughts spoon-fed I highly suggest you read a different blog.

Like cattle to the slaughter...the democrats go marching in...

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noneed4thneed said...

You didn't even come close to get what I was saying.

I'd rather to give back the $200 that I saved on my so-called tax cut than have to pay more in college tuition and loan rates, property taxes, and other government services. If you add up all of the increases elsewhere, my "tax cut" is gone pretty quick.