Tuesday, January 09, 2007

When Tiggers Attack

I am pretty sure Walt Disney has a greater chance of being cryogenically brought back to life than this teenager ever has of getting a date:

It seems Jerry Monaco Jr. and the rest of his family were trolling through Walt Disney World when a Disney cast member, dressed in a Tigger costume, unintentionally brushed Monaco's face with his padded, furry paw. At least that's how I see it when I watch the video.

Apparently though, it seems Tigger packs such a left hook that young Monaco required medical attention. Are you kidding me?
"Pretty hard," Jerry Monaco Jr. replied. "I could still feel it even though he was wearing the padded gloves."
It's a good thing Jerry Jr. didn't hit by Piglet or he'd probably be in traction right now. And my condolences to Jerry Sr. for a raising a boy who couldn't even win a pillow fight.

The only thing that truly bothers me is the status of the staff member in the Tigger suit. While the Monaco family is looking to hit the litigation lotto, this soon to be ex-Disney employee is going to be caught in the middle.

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