Monday, January 29, 2007

Giuliani Announces Re-Election Plans For 2012

Des Moines - During a quick stop in Iowa to start off the week, 2008 Republican Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani announced he will be seeking re-election during the 2012 Presidential cycle. While announcing a re-election plans before actually winning the current election is a bold move, Giuliani cited a desire to stay out in front of any future rivals.

"The 2008 campaign will no doubt be a grueling experience and we will be tackling some tough issue during my Presidency, so it stands to reason that our successes will springboard us to a second term," Giuliani explained Monday while speaking with potential 2012 voters at a Martin Luther King J. Elementary prep rally.

At least initially it appears Giuliani's strategy is paying. After taking a quick pulse of the 6th graders at King Elementary, it was clear Giuliani's message was resonating.

"He has meet Alex Rodriquez and the entire New York Yankees team... I mean how cool is that?" a clearly energized Billy Hall [12] said.

"Yeah, then he went on to detail the correct strategy for beating the Twill Dragon boss at the end of the sixth dungeon in the new Legend of Zelda game," Hall continued. "So many politicians come in claiming knowledge about video games, but then ask you if you have ever played Pac-Man. Lame-o. But when Rudy said you use the Double Clawshot to reach the Dragon's back to defeat it...I knew right then he was the candidate for me."

Giuliani's 2012 campaign manager, Mary Allen, said the general public should expect to starting seeing TV ads as early as next week. In an effort to reach the desired 2012 voter demographic, Allen said the commercials would be seen during such shows like: Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece.

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