Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Was Wrong

I decided I was wrong about the issue of increasing the minimum wage. The Des Moines Register has two "wonderful" articles addressing the minimum wage. As usual, the articles are so well written by the Register's staff that I have completely changed my stance. I am now officially for giving 6% of the population a raise. I am now for giving those people a raise that wouldn't otherwise get off their ass and get one on their own. In fact, so great is my 180 degree turn on this issue, that I am calling for a greater minimum wage increase. Two dollars an hour is for chumps.

If increasing the minimum wage works as the Democrats claim, I say set it at $150 an hour. After all if you're going to do, lets do it right.

As for my "Red Herring" posts? Nothing more the lunatic ravings of an oppressive small business owner lording over his slaves while profiting on the blood and sweat of the wretched.

Reprinted from the Corn Beltway Boys

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