Friday, March 24, 2006

You Had Your Turn, Now Please Shut Up

Madeleine Albright [pictured], astute diplomat that she is, has taken to criticizing the Bush administration. I would just like to ask the former Clinton Secretary of State to please muzzle herself. See here is the problem I have with the most recent former Secretary of State commenting on the current Secretary of State; if Ms. Albright would have done her job correctly the Bush administration wouldn't have to run around and fix all of her mistakes.

I mean obviously the great, omnipotent Albright foresaw the events of 9/11? Or maybe she knew is Saddam was going to cave in to UN resolutions in just a few more decades?

Nothing sends me into a tizzy more than Clinton apologists claiming they know the answers, but then not sharing the knowledge.

Lets look at the amazing accomplishments of Albright and see if she has any credibility to stand on shall we?

In the eight years of the Clinton administration these great moments in diplomacy occurred:
  • Palestinians got no closer to statehood.
  • North Korea took our aid and then defied our agreements on nuclear proliferation.
  • Iraq refused to comply with UN resolutions and profited from a corrupt Food for Oil program.
  • Afghanistan became a terrorist hotbed.
  • Pakistan and India tethered on the brink of war.
  • Numerous countries in Africa and Serbia practiced genocide while the world watched.
  • Terrorist cells in the United States planned 9/11.

Before Ms. Albright starts claiming to know the answers, she needs to first demonstrate she understands the questions. Because according the Clinton record on world affairs, the administration's response to every problem it faced was to the look the other way.

Don't make any mistake, the problems facing the Bush administration were festering during the nineties. Fortunately, for future generations we now have a President who is willing to sacrifice his political image and poll numbers to get some real work accomplished on world affairs.

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