Sunday, March 12, 2006

In A Word: Juiced

This week begins my stint as a guest blogger on the DM Juice website. To put it mildly, I am in way over head. What started as a fun diversion to reach a wider audience, has turned into a potential recipe for disaster. I feel like the kid who was picked last during a game of dodge ball.

But hey, everyone looks a wreck to see if there is any blood, this could be your chance to see carnage. I am guessing those of you that come here regularly, do so because you agree with my rants. For those that feel so inclined, I would like to ask that you accompany me on my journey to DM Juice to help with morale.

To give you some background on the bloggers who have preceded me, there has been:
  • A former Iowa girl living in NYC with aspiring friends in fashion, comedy and the arts.
  • A very single, but really nice young professional male.
  • A sports guy
  • A relationship guy
  • An actual writer [I mean what the hell is up with that? Nice ringer]
  • And a very conflicted PETA member who has a liberal view on just about everything including dating married men.
With your support I believe I can make a good showing. However, I have a life that is detached from the internet. It seems the past contestants have had the ability to be online a lot to be able to respond to reader comments. This is not a luxury afforded to me, so your input on Juice would be a great appreciated.

Just so we have our roles clear...

I will write the same abysmal, tripe usually found on In A Word, but rather than just casually clicking away like you normally do; you will instead leave glowing comments that make it appear like I am the second coming of Hemingway.

You know what; scratch that. Seeing a bunch of conservatives defending a bumbling, hack of a writer will only further strengthen their stereotypes of us as a group. On second thought, you better bring your sarcasm. There is probably good chance I am going to need to borrow some extra sarcasm to make it through the week.

Side Note: I realize comparing me to Hemingway is also, in fact, sarcasm. Believe me, I got the irony...

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