Friday, March 03, 2006

Democrat's Redefine The Word "Analogy" To Mean "Not Related To Each Other"

Apparently making the comment "we wouldn't transfer the title to the devil; we're not going to transfer it to Dubai," comes across as anti-Arab to some people. However, to politically correct Democrats, like Frank Lautenberg (NJ), it is just a simple, little analogy to help American citizens more fully understand the hysterical nature by which the liberals intend to oppose the sale of US ports to the an Arab country.

In fact, in the correct response to the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee when it complains that a "comparison of Dubai to the devil is unacceptable," is to simply reiterate your quote again. "It wasn't meant as an insult at all," Lautenberg said. "I didn't call Arabs the devil. I said I won't do business with the devil and I won't do business with Dubai."

To Frank's credit he also went on to say he wouldn't do business with Jews, blacks, whites, reds, Mexicans, Asians and that corner convenience store in Jersey that is always out of Cherry Coke smoothies. But I digress...

To help clarify Frank's remark I have taken the liberty of helping to rewrite his quote to make it more palatable to the Arab community: [Please insert the most non-offensive evil person(s) based on your particular background]

"We wouldn't transfer the title to (the):
Osama Bin Laden
Jeffrey Dahmer
Genghis Khan
or Pol Pot;
and we're not going to transfer it to Dubai."

See, much clearer now. Obviously if you see any anti-Arab sentiment in Lautenberg's quote it only reveals your own inner hatred towards Islam, not Lautenberg's stupid use of the word "devil" when referencing a Muslim country.

In A Word Side Note:
It should be noted that In A Word doesn't necessarily condone the sale of US ports to an Arab country, just Democratic representatives who should use a more little common sense in their rhetoric.

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