Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where Are The Damn Updates Already?

Why haven't I updated In A Word for awhile? Well the answer is that my wife and kids are on spring break and usual time set aside for blogging is spent now with my family. Rest assured when they return to school, the liberal bashing will resume at full strength. In fact, the pent up frustration might make it a little bloody next week.

As a side note, IrishWalsh and I are in the preliminary discussions of setting up a dual blog where we would both contribute. I am excited about the possibility of writing alongside someone else. I believe the dialogue between Walsh and I would create some interesting possibilities. The overarching idea is to create a blog with more reader interaction. I am not like a lot of other bloggers, so every time a Democrat says something stupid I don't tend to always have a response. So, having Walsh on the same blog as me will allow me to have days of silence while he still updates the blog, and vice versa.

When we get farther along, I will give you more details.

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