Friday, March 10, 2006

Iowa Road Trip 3.10.2006

I am, like million of Americans, over worked. And being overworked means less road trips, even those of a virtual nature. However, I was able procure a few minutes this week to read some of my fellow Iowa bloggers, and I believe there are a few articles of which you should take notice. So without any further delays, lets see what the Iowa blogs had to offer this week.

Iowa Voice -- Washington Post Now Getting Involved:

I posted earlier on Brian's ongoing struggle with the media and his mistake in not properly attributing a quote he used on Iowa Voice. That said, in all fairness you should really take the time and read Brian's side of the story.
I never said "I probably cut and paste". I've explained what happened here. Nothing sinister, and not a good excuse, but it's what happened. I could have taken the dishonorable way out, as I noted, but felt it was far better to take my lumps for not checking a simple misplacement of a piece of code (the code that encloses text within the quote box).
Homercles: Space Monkey -- Crash: Just One Calorie, Not Gay Enough:

Sometimes it scares me how closely Homercles resembles my own sarcastic humor. Of course, that is probably one of the reasons I like his site so much. Albeit, I would like him to post more, I understand he has more pressing issues in his life than a teaching kids math.
The notion, however, that not voting for Brokeback was H-Woods tacit admission that everyone is still a closet hater is, on the face of it,patently ludicrous. Could it be, maybe, that Crash won because more Academy voters thought Crash was a better film?

Just putting that out there.
"Just putting that out there." The perfect conclusion to a great post. Homercles has my permission to guest blog on In A Word if he would ever feel like gracing my blog with his wit. Consider this an open invitation.

The Mind Of IrishWalsh -- I Have Drank Some Horrible Things In My Day, But...:

I know this post is from last week, but Mr."I go to college full time, work nearly full time, and I am married" seems to think there are other things in life that should come before his blog. Whatever. I know you too well Walsh; playing a little too much Carrion Fields are we?

However, I his blog recently provided me with a written form of Syrup of Ipecac:
I bring you the tale of a man from Ohio who has been hiding in public bathrooms and drinking the urine of little boys” for 40 years.
I am not sure what disturbs me more, that fact that a man drank urine or the fact that IrishWalsh always seems to stumble upon these twisted news stories.

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