Monday, March 06, 2006

"Four Easy Steps To Strong And Healthy Marriage" By Mrs. And Mr. Hillary Clinton Rodham

Not that I am saying anything is wrong with the Clinton's marriage, I mean they have always seemed like a very strong and loving couple. An example of the perfect union, if you will...

However, I have put together a few news stories that may illustrate a chilly bedroom at Senator Hillary Clinton and Former President Bill Clinton's home:
  • First -- Hillary (D-NY) takes the Democrat lead in attacking the Bush administration on the proposed US port sale to Dubai.
  • Second -- It is revealed Bill helped advise Dubai officials with guidance on how to proceed with acquiring the management rights of eight US ports.
  • Third -- Hillary claims to be unaware of Bill's connections with Dubai.

I was starting to get worried about the state of affairs in Camelot after reading the those first three articles. However, great relationships are all about compromise...
  • Finally -- Bill Clinton toes the line on his wife's port stance by similarly attacking the Bush administration over the US ports deal.
It brings a tear to eye to see such mutual understanding and agreement between two people who couldn't be more in love with their political status.

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