Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Howard Dean Outlines The Democratic Agenda. The Problem? Yep, You Guessed It He Forgot To Outline An Agenda.

Hey, it is only a year late, but the Democrats are trying to form an agenda. The talking points are nice, however they seem to be tripping up over the actual details. Eh, you know need this governing thing is really hard...

Together, America Can Do Better - A Positive Democratic Agenda

"So our strategy is very simple- we want to make it clear to the American people what the Republicans are about and what their discrepancies are between what they say and what they do. We also want to make sure the American people understand what we are going to do differently.

"One- we will pass ethics legislation within the first 100 days of our re-ascension to power, and eliminate the scandals and the corruption that the Republicans have brought to power [sounds nice and positive too me--ed.]. We want honest and open government in America again.

"Two- we want a strong national defense which begins with telling the truth to our citizens and our soldiers and our allies before we send troops abroad.

"Three- we want American jobs that will stay in America by creating a new energy independence industry, creating thousands of manufacturing jobs and construction jobs to retrofit our homes and businesses.

"Four- we want a health care system which works for everyone, just like 36 other countries in the world have.

"And five- we want a strong public education system so we can have opportunity and optimism back in America again. . ."

"So we can have opportunity and optimism back in America again." Hell, if the liberals and the press would stop spinning every economic statistic into gloom and doom, maybe there would be a tad more optimism in America. How many times can you be told something sucks, before you start to believe it?

Please take notice that Dean does not elaborate on how the Democrats will achieve their agenda. Which, of course, why they are the minority party. Anyone can tell what would be nice in a perfect world, however actually getting off your ass and attempting to lead the nation is little harder.

In A Word would like to offer an addendum to the Democratic agenda. A real agenda, if you will...

One -- Establish ethics legislation. Stop saying stupid things like "Democrats have not taken one nickel from Abramoff." Own up to fact that several leading Democrats, including Harry Reid (NV), are just as guilty as some of the Republicans. Stop playing stupid with American citizens.

Two -- A strong national defense. As opposed to the strong national defense that John Kerry voted for, before he voted against it. Before we send our troops abroad, we need to make sure we have a clear vision of why we are going to war. For example, overthrowing a murderous dictator, freeing millions of people from oppression, restoring tangible consequences to UN resolutions, toppling a totalitarian government, and taking the fight from the US soil to the middle East were it belongs.

Three -- Creating jobs that stay in America. Like fast food, gambling, and politics.

Four -- Creating a health care system that works for everyone like ones that are financially crippling 36 other counties in the world.

Five -- We want a strong public education systems so more people will be educated in the ways of common sense to be able to see through liberal BS.

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