Friday, March 10, 2006

Caution: The Following Post Contains Liberal Common Sense, Please Read At Your Own Risk

How's this for New York logic:
Six in 10 New York voters believe Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is planning to run for president in 2008, but only about a third of her home-state voters say they would back her if she did so, a statewide poll reported Thursday.

Almost half of New York voters, including three of every 10 Democrats, said they would not vote for her for president, according to the poll from Siena College's Research Institute.

Clinton's prospects are brighter, however, when it comes to how New Yorkers feel about re-electing her this year to another six-year Senate term, according to the Siena poll. Fifty-seven percent of voters said they would vote to re-elect her while 38 percent said they would prefer someone else.

When it comes to having Hillary as President New Yorkers want nothing to do with her, however they are more than willing to give her a seat in the Senate. Yes, in case you are wondering, that is funny. Sad, but funny.

Owww....the pain...head hurts...make pain go away...

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