Monday, February 20, 2006

Why Does The Corn In Iowa Lean To The West? Because Nebraska Sucks

The Des Moines Register is reporting that the organization responsible for promoting business opportunities and tourism in Iowa are having their annual convention in Nebraska.

The organization of 1,500 Iowa businesses promotes the state as a place to do business. Yet its members will be meeting, dining and sleeping at the Marina Inn Conference Center in South Sioux City, Neb. They'll be playing golf at Dakota Dunes in South Dakota.
Apparently, the committee chairs have a tough time with geography:
The convention has been held in Okoboji since 1978, but the group's new chairwo- man, Sioux City businesswoman Charese Yanney, asked the group to meet this year in her hometown.

Members enjoy Okoboji, Yanney said, but some have also said it might be a good idea to meet in other parts of the state to see what's going on in those areas. The convention will return to Okoboji next year.
It seems Charese Yanney must have misunderstood "it might be a good idea to meet in other parts of the state" to be mean "it might be a good idea to meet in another state."

Promote Iowa, by vacationing in Nebraska. Brilliant.

And the theme for the convention:
"No Boundaries, No Borders, No Limits."
Huh, I wonder if the taxes generated by tourism, new businesses and new citizens have boundaries, borders or limits? Or maybe, just maybe Omaha will share some of their tax revenues with Iowa.

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