Friday, February 10, 2006

Iowa Road Trip 2.10.2006

After a week hiatus, we will now travel to the better educated and better written blogs of Iowa. If for no other reason than to show the readers of In A Word how the English language is meant to be used.

The Hawkeye Republican -- The Politics of Medicine:

Hey we all know today's college campuses are crawling with liberal sentiment, so Laura W. at the Hawkeye Republican talks about the University of Iowa talking about it liberal sentiment...
University of Iowa medical students have accused the Carver College of Medicine of discriminating against conservative and religious students.

This is totally like one of those situations when you're walking down the street and all of the sudden you see a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks - then you suddenly realize how pervasive the problem is.

To remedy the problem, the school is now planning a student led “"discussion"” between students, faculty and school officials. Reality check here, people. We're bombarded by weeks of front page headlines and chapters of editorials about pink locker rooms in Kinnick, but get a "discussion" for a serious charge of ideological discrimination?
I wish I could rip the Hawkeyes for being whining liberal snobs and say the Cyclones are so much more centered in the political spectrum. However, it is actually quite possible Iowa city is more conservative than Ames. Owww, the sharp pains of actually saying that out loud are starting to really hurt. Oh, liberal hometown...why have you forsaken me?

Homercles: Space Monkey -- It's blasphemelicious!

As the Monkey's post is more of a visual piece is recommended you click away now for the punchline. The post must be seen to be appreciated. Of course, if you are Muslim, it is highly suggested that you don't visit Mr. Homercles site, because being that you are nothing more than cult-like, religious zealots and the humor would be lost on you.

The Mind Of Irish Walsh -- The Times Needs To Add A Hypocrisy Section

It is good to have you back, Mr. Walsh. Snarky comments and all.
The New York Times ran a editorial about the Danish cartoons that has the Arab world in an uproar on Tuesday claiming "the New York Times and much of the rest of the nation's news media have reported on the cartoons but refrained from showing them. That seems a reasonable choice for news organizations that usually refrain from gratuitous assaults on religious symbols, especially since the cartoons are so easy to describe in words."

Apparently their Arts section didn't get the inter-office memo (or doesn'’t read the Times, who can blame em?) because the next day (Wednesday) they ran a photo of “artist” Chris Ofili's "“Dung Clotted Virgin Mary" in a story which called the Danish cartoons "“callous and feeble"”.
I also suggest reading the "sexy" Irish man's other rants from this past week as they are also very good.

And a final parting thought:

It is recommended to all readers to take one last look at State 29. As it's blogging team is calling it quits, now would be a good time to reread some of their greatest hits.

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