Monday, February 06, 2006

Fighting Stupid With Stupid

Combating stupid quotes with more stupid quotes must be taught to politicians at a very early age regardless of party affiliations. Consider these two quotes from both sides of the aisle:

Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld on Hugo Chavez, after Chavez compares Bush to Hitler:
"I mean, we've got Chavez in Venezuela with a lot of oil money," Rumsfeld added. "He's a person who was elected legally - just as Adolf Hitler was elected legally - and then consolidated power and now is, of course, working closely with Fidel Castro and Mr. Morales and others."
Former President Bill Clinton defending his wife's stupid "the GOP is running the House of Representatives like a plantation" remark:
"I wouldn't say we were slaves, we're more like sharecroppers."
O.K. here is the deal, some analogies just don't work. Now, while it could be argued that Hugo Chavez is a little Hitler in the making, the whole Nazi references just need to stop. One would think Rumsfeld, as a Bush administration official, would be keen on steering talks away from the Nazis and not continue to bring them up. Instead he just keeps the war of words going.

And Bill, Bill, Bill.

Lets face it Bill, Hillary just doesn't have your charisma and you can't keep running to her rescue everytime she says something stupid. That in itself would be a full time job. I know, I know you probably have some "contract" with her that states due to her willingness to stand beside you as a the "devoted" wife when you were banging interns that it is now your duty to help her get back to the White House, but you have got to be smart enough to see the whole "plantation" reference isn't sitting well we the perspective voters.

Rumsfeld is the same man who once said to an inquiring reporter who was pressuring him on a question..."I heard you. I like to engage my mind before I engage my mouth." Those are wonderful words of wisdom to live start actually living by them.

I swear both these men are no different than a bunch of slave owning, Nazis who live on plantations and hope to one day be sharecropping Hitlers...

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