Wednesday, February 22, 2006


What has happened to me? I go from having an opinion on everything in the world to not caring about any of the current events in the news lately. Am I broken? Is the sarcasm never going to come back?

Oh, God why have you forsaken me?

Why must the Democrats stop making stupid statement for one week? Why must the Democrats take a position that I agree on (the sale of US port security)?

Please, I am begging you Hillary, Howard, Tom, or Ted say something stupid. Give me ammo, I am dying here. Everyday I sit at the computer wanting to write, but I get nothing. Nada.

For friggin' crimney sakes, man, Jimmy Carter is agreeing with President Bush on issues now! I go to the Daily Kos to try and get the juices flowing, but instead I just feel sorry for the poor souls who actually go to that site for their political information. Making fun of the Daily Kos is like making fun of the handicap and I won't make fun of people who have no control over their afflictions.

So, here we sit. You reading a rambling post and me bored with myself. What can be done?

Well, I would like to create a "super blog." Form a blog of different viewpoints, kind of like a point/counterpoint type of thing to get some discussions and dialogue going. I am open to suggestions and would be willing to even bring on a...gasp...liberal.

Ideas or general comments can be emailed to

Let me know what you think...

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