Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There's A Better Way

The country is tired of harmful rhetoric and baseless attacks on the direction America is headed. We believe the troops in Iraq are to be commended and praised for doing the dirty work that is centuries overdue in the Middle East. We believe the time for debating the merits of the war have passed and continuing to use sayings like "wrong war, wrong time" further erodes troop morale and is an unhealthy discourse. Elections have been held in Iraq under the watchful eyes of the world and worked almost flawlessly. Troops are building hospitals and schools while at the same time they battle foreign insurgents. The troops are showing get compassion to the citizens of Iraq while being mindful their job still reminds unfinished. We believe the troops should be given the time to achieve the goals of their military planners. We believe the timetable for troop withdrawal should lie in the hands of the men and women fighting the war; not to be decided by daily polls and political grandstanding.

There's a better way.

The US economy has endured some of the most devastating attacks at it's foundation, yet it perseveres. The American worker does not know the definition of the word "quit." Higher energy prices and rising costs across the board have made families tighten their belts and get seconds jobs. We believe the right course is to be always searching for ways to make sure the American public keeps more of their paycheck. We believe it is congress' responsibility to spend within their means and cut the pork projects instead of always returning to the worker's of this country asking for more money. Pet projects in Massachusetts or Alaska are not always for the benefit of the nation as a whole and our elected officials are expected to understand money does not grow on trees. Tax breaks are NEVER a bad thing and are not to be used to create a roadblock between Republicans and Democrats who should be working together to find ways of lowering the tax burden on US citizens.

There's a better way.

Always complaining, but never offering a solution to a particular problem is tiring and detrimental to furthering the progress of our great nation. Simply saying the President is wrong or his strategies are wrong is NOT a solution. Playing word games with the funneling of campaign funds from one PAC to another PAC and claiming to be free of any wrong doing, is irresponsible and a blatant lie the America people. Always playing the victim and hiding behind the minority label is a weak and feeble way of representing the people you were elected to govern. Democrats and Republicans exist to balance each other and our elected officials are expected to actually get some work done in Washington.

There's a better way.

The better way is to actually have an agenda. You know one that is real and on down on paper. Thoughts and ideas that can be debated. It too easy to criticize, however the tricky part it crafting solutions. Making neat little catch phrases like "there's a better way" is nice for bumper stickers, but doesn't actually move our country forward.

If the Democrats think there is a better way...why aren't they letting the rest of the country in on it? If there is a better way, why keep it a secret? If there is a better way, I have a hard time believing it is partisan rhetoric. If there is a better way, what are the Democrats waiting for?

Standing still is not moving forward. There is a better a way and we heard in the State of the Union address last night.

When the Democrats truly figure out a better way to run their party, the country will benefit. Until that time, we march on with the vision set forth by the Republicans because at least they have a plan and are willing to suffer the political consequences of their actions. Fear of opinion polls will not move this country forward or win a war.

It is time for the Democrats to figure out a better way.

God Bless America

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