Monday, April 23, 2007

This Word "Illegal," I Don't Think It Means What You Think It Means

No Need over at the Century of The No Common Sense Iowan recently attended a Tom Tancredo political rally. I applaud him for venturing out and attempting to see other points of view. For this, he earned a measure of respect from me. But...and there's always a but right?

He took exception to one of Tancredo's response about immigration:
Tancredo had a lot of stories about immigrants who receive all of the health care they need. I can't argue that a large number of immigrants do not have health insurance and receive some sort of health care. However, the quality of that care is not as good as the health care people with insurance have. Also, it is morally wrong to deny health care or education for that matter to people based on the fact their skin is a different color, they speak a different language, and they come (or their parents come) from a different country.
Morally wrong? Morally wrong?

Then is it morally wrong for me to walk out of a clinic and not pay the bill? Is it morally wrong for me to walk out of Target and not buy the goods? Is it morally wrong for me to not contribute to society but leach off of it?

My desire to deny health care or education to illegal immigrants has nothing to do with their skin color, speaking a different language, or that they come from a different country. No. My anger towards illegal immigrants focuses on the word "illegal." As in they are in this country "illegally" and as such are not entitled to this same privileges as the rest of us.

I am silly like that...I am morally wrong for expecting people to follow the laws.

Reprinted from the Corn Beltway Boys


noneed4thneed said...

So if you see a bad car crash and are one of the first people to stop. Would you not help the injured person because they might be illegal?

Jeremie Jordan said...

I moved your comment to the Corn Beltway Boys, I just use this blog to host my posts and to use the blogger WYSIWIG interface.

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