Sunday, April 15, 2007

Poets Of The Fall - Carnival Of Rust

When I first met my cousin Tammy's husband Jamey at my 16th birthday supper, I quickly learned that we shared very similar tastes in music. At the time, Operation: Mindcrime was a fairly new album and to find another Queensryche fan was really cool. Over the years we have thrown each other new bands that we have found and more often than not I end up finding a new musical addiction. This weekend we hung out together after meeting Rudy Giuliani and he told about a band called Poets of the Fall. Rock, maybe hard rock but damn stylish, but definitely my kind of music.

Here is there music video for the title track off their newest album:

In all truthfulness I didn't met Jamey for the first time on 16th birthday, but it's probably the first time he can remember. The other time was during a party of Tammy's house and Jamey was drunk playing Super Mario Bros...good times...good times.

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