Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Support Rudy Giuliani Because I Am Pro-Life

Take a deep breath and calm down.

The last few weeks have seen a constant onslaught of attacks towards Rudy Giuliani's "conservative" credentials. This is, of course, to be expected as he, is and will remain, the front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination. Where the real disconnect between Giuliani and the support from those on the Republican far right seems to be on the issues of abortion and gun control. I will not lie, those are two of the issues I disagree with Giuliani on as well, but neither one will stop me from voting for him.

Abortion is an abhorred practice that sacrifices one life for the supposed sanctity of another. For someone like myself who is against the practice, it is unfortunately perfectly legal in this country and likely to stay that way until the Supreme Court chimes in again. It simply won't matter who is President as the ground battle on abortion will be at the state level and in the courts. Had abortions stayed rare like they were when Roe V. Wade was first established in the early 70s, instead of the responsibility dodging form of birth control it has become today, then I would imagine it wouldn't have ever become such a hot topic issue. Consider this sobering fact: for every four children that are born in this country, there is one abortion. If you wanted an actual number instead of a percentage, try on this one on for size: there are about 1.3 million abortions every year in the US. It's those type of statistics that are what, in my opinion, has turned our society into one of depravity and irresponsibility.

And that's why I support Rudy, because I am pro-life. Confused? Let me explain. As I have stated before I support Giuliani because he has the results to back up his words. No one else in the Presidential candidacy field can say that. They can offer up their plans, but each one is built on a foundation of hopes and prayers, but no concrete proof. I want abortions to end, but I am also a realist. The complete overruling of Roe V. Wade is a pipe dream. However removing some of the contributing social factors that lead to abortions is a more realistic and obtainable goal.

Consider these statistics:

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Socially Conservative Reforms: 1993-2001

Abortions - total performed in NYC:
  • 103,997 [1993]
  • 86,466 [2001]
  • -16.9%

Abortions - [Medicare funded]:
  • 45,006 [1993]
  • 34,772 [2001]
  • -22.9%

Abortion ratio per live births:
  • 890 [1993]
  • 767 [2001]
  • -13.8%

Welfare recipients:
  • 1,112,490 [1993]
  • 469,142 [2001]
  • -57.8%

Welfare recipients placed in employment:
  • 9,215 [1993]
  • 151,376 [2001]
  • +1542.7%

Unemployment rate:
  • 10.4% [1993]
  • 5.7% [2001]
  • -42.5%

Total crimes:
  • 600,346 [1993]
  • 263,764 [2001]
  • -56.1%
Name me one other conservative politician that decreased total abortions by almost 17% over an eight year period? McCain? Romney? Ultra conservative darling, Sam Brownback? Anyone can give lip service and claim to be conservative, but Pro-Choice Giuliani did more in eight years to curb abortion rates, then any conservative Republican has done in the last three decades. Is the only litmus test for being a conservative whether or not you're against abortion? I am guessing it must be, because until last November the Republican controlled congress was supposedly conservative. Other than a hand full of Republicans in the US House and Senate before 2006 most of them would have called themselves "pro-life," but I counter that few of them were actually really conservative. I am sorry, but being conservative goes a little deeper than one issue and three wives.

While the rest of the conservative field talks about ending abortion, I'll follow behind Giuliani as he dramatically decreases it. One approach makes for a nice advertising tagline that appeals to pro-life voters, the other approach saves lives. I'd prefer to be proactive by changing what you can. Most pro-life supporters only real contribution to the cause is starting a dead pool on the remaining liberal Supreme Court justices every time they get a sniffle or a cough.

And let me leave you with this hard truth: Giuliani is correct, abortion is currently a constitutional right. Any infringement on that would be a violation of the law. Nothing like getting smeared for stating he would uphold the law.

So what do you want: lip service or real social change that decreases the number of abortions? Or maybe labels and tags such as "pro-life" mean more to you than the lives of the unborn.

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