Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Right Analogy, Wrong Conclusion

The Des Moines Register editorial board is known for believing every problem in the world can be solved with greater government involvement. Utopia for the Register would be the day when the private sector is eliminated. I had to laugh today when I read their editorial stance on wanting the government to negotiate drug prices:
Sen. Charles Grassley exposed the scandal of the Pentagon paying $600 for toilet seats. He is angered by certain corporate tax loopholes and has built a reputation as a maverick for going after waste and abuse.

Yet when it comes to the Medicare drug benefit, he protects drug-company profits rather than the public purse.

Grassley last week led the charge in the Senate to prevent the federal government from negotiating Medicare prescription-drug prices. Supporters were unable to marshal the 60 votes needed to move a bill that would have allowed negotiation toward a final vote.
So wait...the Register just gave Grassley props for exposing government wastefulness, then uses that example as spring board as to why they believe the government should handle drug price negotiations? According to the Register the government can't handle bartering the price of a toilet seat, so this would obviously make them perfectly suited to negotiate drug prices.

Oww...the pain...quick pass me the duct tape.

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