Monday, April 02, 2007

Scenes From An Iowa Family

A man and his young son were in their minivan traveling to the local mall to walk around bored while four women window shop for hours in stores like Pottery Barn and Bath & Body Works. Both the father and the boy were quietly trying to prepare their mindset for the grueling afternoon that undoubtedly lay before them. Then silence was broken by the boy's cousin riding with them who tried to convince the boy of something the boy knew to be false.

"Don't believe everything you read or here," the boy responded to his cousin.

In the front of the van the father, upon hearing his son's words,` raised his head a little higher while smiling a little wider. The man was amused that after countless attempts to penetrate his son's skull with wisdom in between the boy's Super Smash Bros. Melee matches had finally paid off. The father hoped that his son's new found knowledge and skepticism would help him as he proceeds through life and further into the liberal abyss known as the public school system.

However the man was jolted back into the moment, unaware his son hadn't completely finished his thought.

"But Britney Spears is shaved bald, that much is true."

After regaining control of swerving van, the father shared a good laugh with his son. And he was careful to make sure the boy was speaking of Britney's shaved head, thus preparing his son for the same question that was sure to come from his mother.

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