Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A New Contract With America

Newt Gingrich has outlined 11 ways to "say we're not Nancy Pelosi:"

  • Make English the official language of the government
  • Control the borders
  • Keep God in the Pledge
  • Require Voter ID card
  • Repeal Death tax for good
  • Restore property rights
  • Achieve sustainable eneryg independence
  • Control spending and balance the budget
  • Defend America for the irreconcilable wing of Islam
  • Focus on Iran and North Korea
For the most part this is a great list of ideas and I believe me I am all for any agenda that keeps Nancy Pelosi out of power. However, while these eleven bullet points are a good start I am advocating another prequist for joining and representing the Republican party. Each member of congress must reach down between their legs and see if they still have any balls to stand up to the lunatic left.

Now I understand that for some female Republicans this requirement may be a tad unfair, but if they can show they know how to give a descent bitch slap, then that would be a good enough for me too.

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